Where to Find Free Crypto !

In this section we will look into the interesting world of free crypto currencies.


The U.K. based Electroneum company has created the first crypto currency to truly reach the masses. At the moment only about 1% of the worlds population has any involvement in crypto but this is about to change with the advent of mobile mining.

Now you can use your phone to mine crypto currencies and you will be able to use these mined coins to pay some, or all, of your phone bill, buy in-game items and even buy a bicycle like a Youtuber did recently.

Electroneum was established in December 2017 and already has millions of registered users giving it faster growth than Facebook and Twitter. 

The mobile miner was released in March, 2018 and uses ‘simulated mining’. This means that it will not use your battery much or cause stress on your phone. This is virtual mining and you are rewarded for simply having the app open. The mobile app will automatically create a wallet for you and begin mining right away. 

To get this mobile mining app just follow the link provided below. It is highly advisable to follow our link which will take you directly to the authentic Electroneum website where you will find a genuine link to the GooglePlayStore. 

The Electroneum app is now available on the Apple Store and GooglePlayStore. The official Electroneum app is perfectly safe to install.

After you have downloaded and installed the Electroneum miner on your phone we would appreciate if you entered the code (AB3 F97) or scan the QR code below with your phone after you install the app. You will be given a bonus increase in your mining speed by using this code. You also get a bonus on what I mine on my phone which stays on 24/7. 

These little things assist us in the cost of this website 🙂 

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There are many sites and apps out there promising free bitcoin and I have downloaded a lot. To be honest, 90% of these sites and apps are scams to get you to watch advertising. However, I have found one site which I use frequently and I have withdrawn hundreds of thousands of Satoshi to my personal Bitcoin wallet. A Bitcoin can be broken down into 8 decimal places. These are called Satoshi. 

This site is called, “FreeBitcoin”.

This site provides you with a little free Bitcoin every hour just by visiting the site and playing a simple game of spin the wheel. The average hourly payout on this game is just a few Satoshi however you also have the possibility of winning up to $200 worth of Bitcoin on each hourly roll. Bitcoin has increased in value from $0.003 cents in 2010 to a high of $20,000 in December 2017. That is an increase of 6,600,000 times in value. If you had spent $1.00 on Bitcoin in 2010 your investment would have been worth $6,600,000 in December 2017. If you decide to play this free game my advice would be to save every Satoshi.

There is also a free lottery game in this website where you can win a lot more Bitcoin. Each time you play the spin the wheel game you get some free tickets to the lottery which is held each Sunday. The prize in the lottery can vary and can sometimes be as low as 0.5 Bitcoin and as high as 2+ Bitcoin. There are 10 prize winning places. You can use your reward points to boost your hourly Lottery Ticket bonus and your hourly Reward Point bonus.

This website is completely free to use. You can deposit Bitcoin if you want extra tickets in the lottery but playing for free is just as much fun. Save every Satoshi and withdraw to your personal Bitcoin wallet when you reach 30,000 Satoshi. 

Click the link below to join up and get yourself some free Bitcoin and free tickets for the Sunday lottery. You only need an email address to sign-up.

P.S. There is also a FreeDogecoin website which you can find here. I play both FreeBitcoin and FreeDogecoin at the same time.  https://freedoge.co.in/?r=2597201


There are many options to mine on a computer and Honeyminer is one of the most advanced. It automatically searches for the most profitable coin to mine, converts it into Bitcoin and sends it to your wallet. This is a fantastic idea and would surprise a veteran miner. You can also choose in settings to mine only when your PC is idle so Honeyminer will not slow your computer when you need processing power. It takes zero crypto mining experience and just 5 minutes to get setup. 

A relatively new computer with a good graphics card and processor might earn you a $50 – $75 per month.

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