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“Please understand that these Youtubers are not financial advisors. They are just offering their opinions”

If you decide to invest in Crypto currencies then it is important to keep up-to-date with recent activity. Sometimes there can be very big changes such as a wallet update, a coin burn, a fork in a coin/token etc. 

Below is a list of different websites and links to some great Youtubers so you can get your news quickly. Whether at home, in the car or on the train you can always keep on top of your Cryptos.

This website tracks the average price of most Crypto currencies. It is free to use and is great for a quick price check.

If you are looking for a more detailed chart with a wide range of tools from trendlines to Fibonacci this is for you.

This is a simple application to keep track of your portfolio. If your Crypto is listed on CoinMarketCap then it is here.


This is a fantastic place for current updates on your coins. There are many different Youtubers to follow so choosing the right ones for you is important. 

Consider these Youtubers your friend and not your financial advisor and be careful not to fall into hype. Some of these guys and gals offer great information on the coins/token they are currently interested in. 

There is always a certain level of bias in these videos. I will leave a list of my own favourite Youtubers for you to begin your journey. 

If their personalities don’t suit you then feel free to find others.


This Youtube channel delivers up-to-date information on a variety of crypto currencies and important financial news.

Ivan on Tech

Ivan is a programmer. He creates videos which explains blockchain technology in laymans terms. He also has a great Crypto course.

All About Tech

This Youtuber regularly presents crypto and technology videos. He is a computer science student/teacher and an avid Electroneum fan.

This channel is great for some high energy crypto info. Sean also brings some breaking news and interviews. He is documenting his Crypto journey.
A great channel for some very useful and insightful ideas in Crypto. Bitcoin Ben is all about freedom and how we must hold on to it financially or otherwise.
Known for his colourful choice of language on YouTube, Keith delivers a wealth of information regarding possible investment opportunities in the ICO area.

Other Great Youtube Sources

If you want to learn more about the trading aspect of crypto currencies then this Youtube channel is a great place to get started. Philakone also offers great tutorials and explains the trading process very clearly.

Crypto Crow offers a crypto trading course as well as some very useful information regarding new ICO offerings. Keeping on top of the quick paced news in the cryptosphere is essential

Jsnip4 has been around for quite some time in the world of cryptos. He began his channel many years ago. He took up the journey into cryptos and offers a front row seat to his viewers. 

Altcoin Buzz delivers regular videos and are a wealth of information on all sorts of interesting topics in crypto currencies. Altcoin Buzz also host the wonderful Altcoin Buzz Ladies Youtube channel so check that out too.

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